Application Support Services

Melon Consulting through our experienced resources have extensive local and international support experience. We have provided application and business process support to a number of clients in various industries. It is our experience, quality and value that has time and time lead us to being appointed by clients as their outsourced system and process partner. We provide flexible support models to cater for our clients needs based on best fit and approach. We provide Onsite, Offsite, or combination of Onsite and Offsite Support Models.

Today’s business environment is very competitive and companies need to look at new and efficient ways to gain a competitive advantage. Focusing on non-core activities results in sometimes non optimal operations with increased operational budgets and administration
overheads. Having the right partner to manage some of these non-core processes allows the company to focus on the core activities such as manufacturing, sales and distribution,  research and development, public services, etc.

Melon’s Support service takes care of the process and application tasks so that our clients do not have to, and therefore have more time and less overheads to focus on their core business. Our hosted support offerings create even further TCO benefits.

Application Support 

Melon has extensive experience and skills in providing outsourced Support to clients. This is why we understand that in arriving at the appropriate support delivery model for clients will require a process to be followed. There is no single solution that will fit all customer needs and therefore this process plots the journey of getting to this point. Melon has developed an Application Support Delivery Framework based on best practice that will assist our clients to make the correct decision. Our approach is to ensure that our clients make the right choice that is best for their business.

Like all other services, Melon is very strict on performance and measurement thereof. Our Support framework is managed through contractually agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that we monitor and measure continuously to ensure that we continuously deliver value and that our clients are always happy.




This is why trusted Application Support outsourced partner to a number of clients today


  • Transition Support Services
  • Implement Support Services
  • Enable People, Process and Technologies
  • Transfer knowledge


  • Support Unit Management
  • Value Realisation
  • Support Service Management & SLA’s
  • Quality Management
  • Third Party Management & OLA’s
  • Application Management


  • Service Performance Measurement and reporting
  • Support Unit performance Measurement and reporting