Training & Development

Melon Consulting offers value driven, holistic training solutions. Our all in one approach encapsulates Organisational Change Management, Business process contextualization and the clicks and ticks of actual systems training.

As part of our approach we offer:

  • An Organisational Change Management Strategy customised to your organisation;
  • Stakeholder analysis and assessment and management;
  • A comprehensive training strategy specific to your needs;
  • Integrated Project Management of the training implementation;
  • Detailed training materials design and development, inclusive of business process contextualisation;
  • Project Administration i.e. batching, scheduling and communication to all delegates;
  • Administration of the training through a learning management solution;
  • Generation of comprehensive training reports per session;
  • Qualified, accredited facilitators and trainers;
  • Team building built into our training to create a supportive environment to learn within.

Melon Consulting’s Training approach is a holistic approach focusing on all key elements that make a training initiative successful.  The training capabilities are categorised in terms of:

  • Project Delivery Methodologies – Prince2
  • Being the Internal Consultant – Melon Consulting’s e-program
  • Being the Leader for the organisation – Melon Consulting’s Accelerator program
  • Business Process Enablement – focus on Leading Business Practices
  • SAP Functional and Technical Training – in partnership with SAP
Training Services
Training Services