Melon Consulting offers an array of training solutions across the business landscape. Each of our Training Capabilities focus on developing people for Value Realisation in the organisation. We lead in with Best Business Practices to ensure that real tangible Value can be extracted for and we do this through the construction of Organisational Value Chain and teach individuals how the sum of the parts yield more value than the parts on their own.

Enhance your businesses value proposition by investing in your people

Melon Consulting’s Training approach is a holistic approach focusing on all key elements that make a training initiative successful.  The training capabilities are categorised in terms of:

  • Project Delivery Methodologies – Prince2
  • Being the Internal Consultant – Melon Consulting’s e-program
  • Being the Leader for the organisation – Melon Consulting’s Accelerator program
  • Business Process Enablement – focus on Leading Business Practices
  • SAP Functional and Technical Training – in partnership with SAP

Our Training Offerings:


Content Development


Individual Coaching