Take your SAP reporting to the next level!

Easily analyze your live SAP data, add fields, comments, conditional formatting and serve it in SAP Fiori.

You can take advantage over RainbowSAP in all of your standard and custom SAP reports. RainbowSAP brings Excel functionality natively into SAP Reports. So you get the best of both worlds and even more:

  • Excel – Conditional formatting, Grouping, Cell coloring, Comments
  • SAP – out-of-the-box Drill downs, DB Lookup and Data Write back.
  • Even more – description for every coded value, available as a Fiori app, shared via email with peers and business partners.

Extend your SAP reporting, in minutes, to best fit your needs.

No lengthy and costly ABAP development..and it takes minutes to install.

  • Before Rainbow

    Before Rainbow

  • After Rainbow

    After Rainbow

  • What RainbowSAP Customers Say:

    "Rainbow is an integral part of SAP yet it feels and performs more like Excel - It is the best of both worlds."

    Company: Clalit - Health Care

  • What RainbowSAP Customers Say:

    "We easily shared a standard SAP report with my peers and customers and it’ll soon be natively available via SAP Fiori."

    Company: Netafim

  • What RainbowSAP Customers Say:

    "I Rainbowed my first SAP report in 10 minutes that would have taken an ABAP developer more than 5 days."

    Company: Camtek

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Melon Consulting is proud to be a RainbowSAP Partner. Feel free to contact us for a further information on how RainbowSAP can help your business.